I love it when someone pitches a fight above their class.

So, the facebooks lead me to this post by John Scalzi, a professional writer I’ve never heard of who apparently has some weight on the internet.

It’s entitled

“To the Dudebro who thinks he’s insulting me by calling me a feminist”

And it’s brilliant. Here’s why.

a) it’s funny. People like funny, we absorb what’s being said with out realising we’re being taught or challenged.

b) It’s spot on. Feminist isn’t an insult. Sometimes the word feminist can be pretty hard to deal with, since there are people out there that give it a bad name, and it has been associated with some horrendous behaviour and opinions. However, at it’s core, the word means “someone who believes women are equal to men.” A crazy notion to some, but not, in and of itself, an insult.

c) It’s thorough. Scalzi points out ALL the reason why the Dudebro’s meme was poorly thought through, including pointing out how much funnier it could have been.

d) And it’s a lovely lesson on how powerless internet insults can be if we stand up for ourselves and are not afraid to be proud of what we stand for.

And did i mention it was funny? because I laughed!


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