Food for Thought

I haven’t posted in a while – not just because there were post election sulks (which there were) and this is supposed to be a positive place, but because I’ve been trying to resist reposting endless content from Upworthy. After all, you can just go there if you want to read those posts (and i reckon you probably should)

But this was linked by  a brilliant friend of mine and it made me consider both my own actions and prejudices and the way I approach prejudice in others in a new light

The Distress of Privilege

Now before any of you start freaking out on me and saying that the privileged have no right to feel distressed, just ask yourself this… have you ever used the hashtag #firstworldproblems? You’re on the internet, reading a bleeding heart socialist’s blog, so you probably have. Well this takes our ability to self-critique our own concerns and applies it to other people. We can recognise when we feel genuine emotion about something that we can deem trivial just because it upsets our personal status quo. This is taking that idea and using it as a lens to approach discussions around inequality and discrimination…

But I’m waffling and the article is really good. So go. read it!