Election time!

There are 2 days left for my Aussie friends and family going to the polls to make a decision on where they’re going to put that number 1 vote (and that number 2 vote and who’s going to get the last number vote, because all of our votes count!)

This blog is new, and will mostly be about awesome societal things that I find, but I really wanted to show you a few things and please, please, please if you know anyone who isn’t sure about their vote, send them this info.

I have very strong opinions, but that’s not what this post is about  (because the blog is called Internet: you’re doing it right and that would be doing it wrong. Just view my facebook for my opinion) but my fear is that too many people will vote a particular way out of habit or with fuzzy logic, not because their party actually represents their views.

So I wanted to show you all this!

The ABC (which do have a vested interest in politics,  not going to lie, but who also pride themselves on being the foremost source for independent news in the country) have set up Vote Compass, which will ask your opinion on a number of policy points to help you asses where you sit against the two major parties and the most likely challenging party (that’s the ALP, the Coalition and the Greens). It doesn’t just say, hey you should vote for “x”. In fact, it never says the words “you should vote for… “. In true ABC style it simply shows, on a graph of economic left/right and social left/right, where you sit, based on your answers, against the three parties. And a % view of which parties you most align with in your thinking.

There’s also a really interesting article here on which demographics are undecided and where those undecided voters lie politically (based on the survey). The interesting thing about this is that the majority of undecided voters appear to be left wing.

Which leads me to the next interesting point.

I’ve been living in the UK where they have First Past The Post elections. THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS SYSTEM I HAVE EVER HEARD OF (and there’s a great vid here explaining why). I had always thought that our Preferential voting system was frustrating because we essentially have a 2 party race every election, but living over here has taught me that there are systems that absolutely GUARANTEE a 2 party race. FPTP is it. So I want to remind all Australian voters that we are lucky enough to have a PREFERENTIAL (or Alternative vote) voting system.

This means NO VOTE IS WASTED. Again, here’s a great video explaining why.

While logically and evidentially this system still leans towards a 2 party race, Australians are in a position where, if they so choose, they can genuinely upset the apple cart. Any party can win an election, and if the party you vote for doesn’t, then your vote will not be wasted, or essentially help someone you don’t agree with win, but will then go to support your second choice and your third choice and so on. This means you don’t have to vote tactically, you can vote with your head and your heart, knowing that it is a fair system.

So please, my fellow Australians, if, unlike me, you haven’t already postal voted, and you’re going to the Polls on Saturday, please, use your vote wisely and in the knowledge that every vote really does count.